Virtual Academy of Lafourche

Module 3


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Agility Drills Assessment


According to fitness levels, and information filled out on the PAR-Q forms, you will either preform regular exercises or modified exercises.  Using small cones if available, if not you can use any other object that will stand upright during your assessments. Remember depending on your fitness levels, according to the information stated on the PAR-Q forms, you are to complete 4 complete circuits for a regular exercise and 2 complete circuits for modified exercise.


You should give yourself at least a 2-minute break after each complete circuit. If you do not know what exercises you should perform in regards to regular or modified, please email me. Points will be deducted if the incorrect amounts of exercises are performed.

To begin T-Test agility drills set up cones, as depicted below in the pictures I have given you.  Please remember that with each assignment minimal effort is minimal credit. Complete assignment and upload send through email or drop box, and or Facetime.