Virtural Academy of Lafourche: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Academy of Lafourche?
VAL is a public charter school in Lafourche Parish. Students have onsite instructions with assistance at home with support from a parent or other adult.


Who is eligible to apply?
All K-12 students in Lafourche Parish are eligible to apply for enrollment in VAL.  Students outside Lafourche Parish may apply, but acceptance is contingent upon availability and the consent of their local superintendent.


When is the open enrollment period?
Open enrollment is announced yearly and is usually in the month of March.


What kind of computer does my child need for VAL?
Almost any modern computer will work.  We do not recommend tablets or netbooks because the screen is too small for extended use.  If you need a laptop for the student, shop around for a good price.  Any available will work as long as it has wireless networking ability.


Does VAL provide computers for students?

No, students must provide their own computers.

What kind of Internet connection do I need at home?
We suggest high speed connections such as cable or DSL.  Dial-up connections are too slow for the lessons.