Title IX McKenny Vento Overview

The primary goal of the Virtual Academy of Lafourche McKinney-Vento Program is to ensure homeless/transitional students stay in school by removing barriers to attendance.


This is done by the following:

  • Providing school supplies/backpacks

  • Providing school uniforms

  • Providing after school tutoring

  • Payment of school fees

  • Documentation (birth certificates, immunization records, etc.)

  • Case management

  • Referral to community resources for student and their families


Who is considered homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act?
A student without a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence is homeless. The definition does not change whether the student is living with a parent or is separated from parents. Under the McKinney-Vento Act, a student is homeless if he/she has a primary residence that is any of the following:

  • Families doubled-up with friends or family, this includes families in which children and parents are in separate places

  • Hotels or motels

  • Families/individuals living in parks or camping areas

  • Shelter/transitional living (i.e. disaster, domestic violence, homeless)

  • Displaced due to natural disaster, lack of financial resources, etc.

  • Vehicles or on the street

  • Runaway or throwaway teens; abandoned children

  • Families residing in sub-standard housing in need of great repair or with no utilities (i.e. running water, electricity)


Community Resources
-Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action (985)537-7603 or 1-800-794-3160
-Thibodaux Office of Housing and Community Development (985)446-7217
-Good Samaritan Thrift Store/Food Bank (985)537-7706
-St. Genevieve Helping Hands (985)446-5571
-Salvation Army (985)447-2520
-The Work Connection (985)446-3016
-Lafourche Parish Medicaid Office (985)449-5021 or 1-800-401-0132
-Lafourche Parish Mental Health (985)537-2638
-Catholic Social Services (985)876-0490
-LA. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
Section 8 Vouchers 1-800-955-2232
Foreclosure Relief Center 1-888-297-8685